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Project Sosnogorsk

Russia aims to have more control of its food supply. This is coming under more and more pressure because of the ongoing boycott of Western vegetables and fruit. KUBO has now realised some 200 hectares of modern greenhouses. The most recent project is in Sosnogorsk, a city in the north of the country. The production greenhouse will be eleven hectares, including a nursery section.

The Russian government aims to use favourable arrangements to convince investors to get greenhouse horticulture off the ground. The conditions in the Sosnogorsk region are, however, not advantageous for professional horticulture. Because of its location in the north west of Russia, there is a sub-arctic climate. The warmest month is July with an average temperature of around 16 degrees. In January the average temperature is 17 degrees below zero.


The construction of an Ultra-Clima greenhouse means that cultivation can still take place. The project is eleven hectares in size, including space for propagation of young plants. As the area is known for its precipitation, the greenhouse will need modifications to the construction. By reinforcing the upper and sub-structure, the greenhouse will be able to withstand any additional snow pressure.


The greenhouse is intended for growing tomatoes and cucumber, has started in May. This is being done under Dutch supervision: the KUBO Smart Growing concept, with two years of experienced growing management.

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