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KUBO has been building greenhouses based on a sustainable concept for years. This concept, the Ultra-Clima, is a revolutionary greenhouse concept that is innovative and sustainable in every way. The Ultra-Clima meets the demands of today and tomorrow. The concept saves a lot of energy, an important theme today, but which also improves productivity.

However, we are not stopping there. In September 2018, we took a big step towards more sustainable production. The roof of the factory next to the KUBO head office was fitted with solar panels. Royal Brinkman installed over 2267 solar panels on the roof. The panels have a total installed power of 623.42 kWp and ensure that KUBO can supply its innovative machines like the welding robot and laser cutting machine with green power. This means that our greenhouses are produced using sustainable energy. A first in our industry.

A new year also brings new resolutions. In 2022, KUBO wants to work even harder for the environment and contribute more to a better world. From now, all cars will be replaced by electric cars, and we will also take part in KLM’s CO2ZERO service.

CO2ZERO service

From 1 January 2022, seconded employees from KUBO will fly carbon neutral through the KLM’s CO2ZERO service. Wouter: “With this service, you pay a small contribution to compensate for your flight’s impact on the environment. The extra contribution goes to the reforestation project ‘CO2OL Tropical Mix’ in Panama which reduces CO2 emissions. Through this project, 7.5 million trees have already been planted and 15 endangered species have returned to the forests. In this way, we try to reduce the footprint of our flights.”

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